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Analysis and research

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Partners suggest the possible solutions to carry out the educational program (2 pages  for each partner).


The course can be developed in two phases:

  1. The virtual part
  2. Face to face – blended part


To be able to implement the first face, each partner should prepare:

  1. Syllabus of their topics:

-        Objectives

-        Topic schedule

-        Methodology to be used

  1. Course content:

-          Introduction

-          Topics developed

-          Check questions

  1. PowerPoint - video materials

To be able to implement the second phase: Face to face – blended part, the partners should prepare

  1. Workshops using collaborative learning
  2. Case studies

Example:  Social innovation aspects related to an autonomous job  [INBIE-Topic]

Course Schedule

  • Introduction to the course
  • What is social innovation
  •  Development of social innovation in solopreneurs
  • Characteristics of a social innovation
  • What is an autonomous job
  • Autonomy in the operation of the enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment
  • Social innovation applied to autonomous job
  • Characteristics of social innovation in an autonomous job
  • Skills to create a social solopreneur innovative business


Discussion Topics:

Learners will discuss in groups and give reports of the results to the learning community. Some examples of the topics to be discussed during lessons [workshops]

  • What is social entrepreneurship?
  • What is social innovation?
  • What is solopreneurs?
  • What is an autonomous job?
  •  Who is Social entrepreneurs?
  • How to Identity an Opportunity? 
  • How are they similar and/or different than non-profit organizations and other social service providers?
  • Who is creating social enterprises?
  •  Are they successful?  In what terms?
  • What are some examples?


Course materials will be pass to learners before the course start

PowerPoint Presentation will be soon available after the teaching topic has been presented



Gródek-Szostak, Zofia & Ochoa Siguencia, Luis & Kajrunajtys, Danuta. (2019). IMPACT OF BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTIONS ON EFFECTIVE ENTREPRENEURIAL EDUCATION. 10.21125/edulearn.2019.2702 [https://www.researchgate.net/publication/334491045]


Assignment / Final work:

  • Working in teams, a business plan will be developed for a new social enterprise of your own design.
  • Each student will be given an opportunity to present their initial idea to the class.
  • Teams will then be developed based on the idea.
  • The social venture plan will encompass how the venture will achieved its impact and the plan itself.



Successful discussion of the final projects by the groups








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