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The course is aimed at people who want their work to become more effective - and they have become valued employees or have made a decision to become self-employed (e.g. on the Solopreneur principles). The addressees of the course are both young people who are faced with the choice of their first job, struggling with dilemmas regarding the content of a CV or a cover letter; as well as mature people who plan to change jobs, career advancement, want to change the nature of work or increase the effectiveness of their activities. In addition to such important hard skills, the acquired soft skills are also important in each profession. Soft skills that encompass all traits beyond professional competences, such as teamwork, communication skills, and flexibility. Soft skills are becoming more and more important, especially when assessing candidates in job interviews. In addition, observations and research show that soft skills determine our professional success, and their strength is appreciated more and more by employers each year. In this course, we've collected the 9 most important soft skills you can learn to be successful at work; to get a job and to be noticed when submitting your CV, to shine during a job interview or career promotion.

Soft skills, or what exactly is it? The following features can be listed that define this area of our behaviour, and they are:

  • assertiveness,

  • communicativeness and communication

  • resistance, including resistance to stress,

  • creativity,

  • ability to work in a team, organizational skills

  • good manners,

  • self-discipline,

  • good work organization, time management

  • engagement

  • empathy

  • analytical skills

  • social media skills

The soft skills presented in the course have been divided into three areas: personal competences, social competences and methodological competences.









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